Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jackson is 5

This little handsome gentleman is five!!  He is truly a gentleman...all boy and ready for a wild adventure, yet super gentle and always caring for others.  He has a heart as big as the ocean and the kindest that you will find.  He is brave, courageous and confident.  He is a friend to everyone and always up for meeting someone new!  He loves everything boy!  Fast cars, huge mud puddles, wild rides and scary adventures!  He's determined and focused...always taking his jobs seriously.  He loves to look nice and can pick the perfect clothing attire for any occasion.  Although he loves his cut off jean shorts and comfy tee, he will always look for the opportunity to sport his skinny slacks with a nice fitted button up and a bow tie...throw on a  nice belt and suspenders and maybe even a hat a bow tie..and he is excited!  Jack is all in wherever he is!  You won't ever find 1/2 hearted Jack...if its soccer time then he's out to score not just one goal but 10!  And he sure did this season!  He started his first game wondering why they took his ball and why everyone couldn't play with their own soccer ball.  But by the second game, it was goal time!  He scored and scored and scored and scored! Hahaha!!  Of course there was no better choice than a Super Hero theme for his birthday party!!  Here are some of our favorite pictures from the super fun swim party!!

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