Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bella is Seven!

I can't believe that our first little angel is already 7!!  Seven just seems so much older than 5!  She is continuing to blossom into the most beautiful young lady who loves Jesus with her whole heart.  She has a the most gracious personality and is always looking for who she can take care of and nurture.  She is Charlotte's second mommy for sure!  She takes such good care of her brothers too.  She has such a fun loving, friendly personality.  She seems to be everyone's best friend.   She is always up for a good time and an adventure with a friend.  She continues to thrive and bloom in her ballet and tap classes and she loves all the frills and twirls for sure!  But, she also loves a good afternoon of digging in the dirt with her neighborhood friend and playing in the forts they have built!  She seems to find a good balance of being the prissy girly girl but is not afraid to get dirt under nails or sweat a little. =)  
She has grown leaps and bounds academically this year!  She loves to read and surprises me with the chapter books she chooses to read for leisure!  She will have multiple books going on at one time and finds a way to keep up with all the action and characters.  On any given night, you can find her in her bed singing worship songs and reading her little girl Bible.  Many nights I find myself cleaning up the house and washing the dishes as I hear her singing her little heart out in her room.  Responsible, caring, sensitive, adventurous, tender-hearted, creative, imaginative, fashionable and fun-loving are a few of the characteristics that stand out to me during this season of her life.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from her Beanie Boo Adoption Birthday Party! We had a blast adopting  the beanie boos as well as making collars for them and birthday hats!  It was a fun afternoon of celebration!!

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