Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jackson is 5

This little handsome gentleman is five!!  He is truly a gentleman...all boy and ready for a wild adventure, yet super gentle and always caring for others.  He has a heart as big as the ocean and the kindest that you will find.  He is brave, courageous and confident.  He is a friend to everyone and always up for meeting someone new!  He loves everything boy!  Fast cars, huge mud puddles, wild rides and scary adventures!  He's determined and focused...always taking his jobs seriously.  He loves to look nice and can pick the perfect clothing attire for any occasion.  Although he loves his cut off jean shorts and comfy tee, he will always look for the opportunity to sport his skinny slacks with a nice fitted button up and a bow tie...throw on a  nice belt and suspenders and maybe even a hat a bow tie..and he is excited!  Jack is all in wherever he is!  You won't ever find 1/2 hearted Jack...if its soccer time then he's out to score not just one goal but 10!  And he sure did this season!  He started his first game wondering why they took his ball and why everyone couldn't play with their own soccer ball.  But by the second game, it was goal time!  He scored and scored and scored and scored! Hahaha!!  Of course there was no better choice than a Super Hero theme for his birthday party!!  Here are some of our favorite pictures from the super fun swim party!!

Bella is Seven!

I can't believe that our first little angel is already 7!!  Seven just seems so much older than 5!  She is continuing to blossom into the most beautiful young lady who loves Jesus with her whole heart.  She has a the most gracious personality and is always looking for who she can take care of and nurture.  She is Charlotte's second mommy for sure!  She takes such good care of her brothers too.  She has such a fun loving, friendly personality.  She seems to be everyone's best friend.   She is always up for a good time and an adventure with a friend.  She continues to thrive and bloom in her ballet and tap classes and she loves all the frills and twirls for sure!  But, she also loves a good afternoon of digging in the dirt with her neighborhood friend and playing in the forts they have built!  She seems to find a good balance of being the prissy girly girl but is not afraid to get dirt under nails or sweat a little. =)  
She has grown leaps and bounds academically this year!  She loves to read and surprises me with the chapter books she chooses to read for leisure!  She will have multiple books going on at one time and finds a way to keep up with all the action and characters.  On any given night, you can find her in her bed singing worship songs and reading her little girl Bible.  Many nights I find myself cleaning up the house and washing the dishes as I hear her singing her little heart out in her room.  Responsible, caring, sensitive, adventurous, tender-hearted, creative, imaginative, fashionable and fun-loving are a few of the characteristics that stand out to me during this season of her life.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from her Beanie Boo Adoption Birthday Party! We had a blast adopting  the beanie boos as well as making collars for them and birthday hats!  It was a fun afternoon of celebration!!

Charlotte's Month 5, 6, 7 & 8

Sweet little Mae began to come out of her shell around 5 months!  She was full of smiles and giggles...always excited to see mommy, daddy and especially big sister and her big brothers!  She continued to be an easy going little delight!  You never heard much of a peep unless she was hungry or sleepy...and then a little milk and a comfy place to snooze always made her happy again!   

Six months came way too fast!!  Her 1/2 birthday!  How can it be!?  She began loving to bounce in her exersaucer and roll around on the floor!  She loved looking in the mirror and playing on a blank with all her favorite jingle toys!  She got on the growth chart....woo hoo!!!  She was all of 2% in weight!!  Her head and heigh were both hovering around 60%!  

Miss little personality!!  She loved people....loved activity, loved to eat, loved to be held and loved to go for walks with her family!  She was full of energy these days and was beginning to put everything in her mouth!  She loved sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas, yogurt, oats and especially cheerios!!  
A pure delight to all those around her!! 

Eight months and it seems like a blink of an eye!  Sweet little princess is the most precious angel!  We love her so much and her little personality is a easy going and tender as they come!  She's a sweet southern belle to the heart so bonnets are our new obsession!  Her She-She sewed this sweet little outfit for her!  We continue to have so much fun with our little bundle of joy!