Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The first 4 months...

Sweet little 4th child Charlotte is going to get one blog with her first four months!  Our house is full of life and busier than ever....and we wouldn't have it any other way!!


Our first month was so sweet...we were able to enjoy time with Papa & Mimi as well as She-She and even my youngest sister came to visit!  Charlotte was the sweetest newborn.  My favorite moments with her were in the evenings after all the other kids were in bed and I would just sit on the couch with her curled on my chest and listen to her sweet little newborn sounds. :) She quickly gained back her birthweight and was a great feeder and sleeper from the beginning.  She adjusted quickly to our loud and lovely household and seemed to sleep more soundly the louder things were!  


She began smiling around 5 weeks and has never stopped.  She is always full of such sweet smiles....she recognized and has loved her big brothers and sister from the beginning.  She seems to have an easy going sweet spirit and never minds to be held by everyone and anyone.  
Her stats:
Head 19%
Height 39%
Weight 5% (another little baby...surprise surprise)


Our little Christmas elf!!  We couldn't have dreamed of a sweeter Christmas gift than Charlotte!! Christmas has been extra fun this year because it is her first!  We even had to finally invest in all new stockings so we would have plenty for everyone. :) She began enjoying her play mat and even rolled tummy to back this month!  She loves watching her siblings play and loves a good snuggle anyime!  She visited the church nursery for the first time and charmed everyone in there.  Continues to be a sweet, easy going little angel!


She seems to change more and more each week now!  Her little endearing personality is coming to life and it's so fun to see!  She loves watching herself in the mirror and playing with her hanging toys.  She's still a little tiny thing so mommy is doing everything possible to get as much milk in her in a day as I can!  She's the most content and sweet child full of squeals and giggles! :)

Head 40%
Height 60%
Weight <1% (we're working on it!!)

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