Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tucker turns 2!!!


This sweet boy had stollen our hearts!!  He is a little body full of adventure, giggles, hugs, laughter, snuggles and lots of sweet singing. He loves to sleep...and tells us when he's ready for nap time!  He's a big wonder he went from 19lb to 29lb in one year!!  Spaghetti is by far his favorite meal...he loves it so much and the messier the better! He overcame his fear of water this summer and loves jumping in with his puddle jumper and swimming all around with big sister and brother! :). He is everybody's favorite at church....he never meets a stranger!  He loves to hum...his favorite songs are "Jesus Loves Me", "God our Father" and "Twinkle, Twinkle."  He seems to have really good pitch too which we know his daddy thinks is so great!  He loves to do whatever Bella & Jack are doing.....and wants to be right in the middle like a big boy!  We have to keep our eyes on him because he is always up for an adventure.....he's always looking for an escape opportunity....he snuck daddy's electric razor this summer and gave himself a haircut!!!!  So at any given point in the day you hear us hollering, "Where's Tucky????"  He is a big snuggler and loves to read books.  He especially likes our Bible book at bedtime and wants to sit right in the middle of daddy's lap to hear every word. :)
He brings us so much joy and we are so thankful for sweet Tucky!!

His stats:

Height 34.5 inches  65%
Weight 29lb  54%

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