Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer Highlights

We started off our summer by finding out we are having a GIRL!! Baby sister Charlotte Mae is coming soon and we are super excited!

Bella & Jack both learned to swim!  We had lots of play dates swimming with friends!



We made a trip to Nashville for a very special prayer weekend with my mom and her dearest friends.


We enjoyed our week Mega Camp at our church! 

We enjoyed being together as a family and even went to our first Fireflies Baseball game!


We had a festive Fourth of July and had fun celebrating with friends!

We went to see "Finding Dory"...Jackson's first time in a real movie theater!

Bella & Jack worked extra hard to make daddy a yummy birthday cake!


We went exploring at The EdVenture Museum...

We celebrated Cow Day at Chick-Fil-A!!!



Mommy' belly grew bigger and bigger and we all enjoyed lots of Popsicles to help stay cool!


Lots of Doctor check-ups...and sweet little people to go with me...

We said good bye to our dear friends the Singletons...but are excited they are less than 2 hours away!


We celebrated our 12th anniversary!


We ended our summer with a relaxing and memorable trip to the beach! 




















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