Wednesday, February 10, 2016

18 months

This little love bug is 18 months and growing like a weed! Sweetest little fella :) 
He loves to sleep! He sleeps a good 12 hours every night and still loves his 2 hour morning and afternoon nap!  He loves when big sister and big brother come to get him each morning....they pull him and and he shimmies down the the stairs on his belly and waddles to our room...he has recently learned how to climb up into our bed too!  He loves eating...and he will make certain that he doesn't miss a meal!!  Spaghetti is by far his very favorite...he seems to see that it's his job to make sure he eats more spaghetti than everyone else at the dinner table!  He decided it was time to walk...and run!  We knew it was just up to when HE thought it was time! So right around 17 months, he stood up one day and away he went!  He loves music!  One of his favorite activities is matching pitch! He and daddy have lots of fun together! :)
He hums all the time...batman song, Jesus loves me, twinkle-twinkle....we'll find him off in a corner playing and humming!  He loves to color!  He is definitely into balls of any kind and throwing and playing catch too!  He's mastered most of identifying his body parts....he says a few words....mama, dada, mine, more, dog, cracker... He's everyone's favorite in the church nursery....sweet, layed back disposition and a charmer at its finest.  We love having sweet Tucky in our family...he is the best smuggler and gives the sweetest sugar!

Here are his stats...

Head  85%
Height 25%
Weight 26.5lb 75%
(Funny guy is finally catching up to his head!  He went from being a tiny little booger to a chunky thing...seems to be following in his sister's growth pattern.)

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