Sunday, September 6, 2015

Last Summer Vacay!

We had our last little summer vacation to see family in Tennessee...then down to Florida!  

Sweet boy cousin love!!

Papa says you can't start them too young on the monkey bars!

We love special cuddles with Meems!

Bella got to go to a beautiful wedding with Pops and Mimi!

And of course we had some running coaching by pops. :)

We made a quick stop at Lakeshore Dr so I could show the kids my old stomping grounds at Samford...

ADPi love...

We met Mr. Beeson...

Then on to see She-She!  We loved going out of the boat with our cousins!!

Love making memories with my three special little people...

We had a blast at the lake one day and Bella and Jack learned to kneeboard!

Such fun memories!!  And a great end to a fantastic summer!

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