Thursday, July 9, 2015

11 months

This little nugget of sugar is 11 months!  Each day is more and more fun with this little sweet boy...but it still doesn't change the fact that he's not allowed to grow up this fast!!  He is a little booger....he has us all wrapped around his little finger!  He loves the beautiful chaos of our house...and likes to be right in the middle of everything!  If Jackson is going potty then we are sure to find Tuck next to him unrolling all the toilet paper...if Bella is playing with her dolls then we are most definitely going to find Tuck in her closet pulling out every piece of doll clothing we own....and when I'm cooking Tucky loves to dig into my pots and pans and create his own if daddy is outside in the yard you better believe Tuck will be waiting by that door for the opportunity to dart our and roam the yard.  He's as fast as lightening...and due to his petite figure he can easily squeeze in the smallest crevices!  He's mastered crawling up the stairs and giggles the entire way as he glances back so proud of himself to make sure we all de him!  He says "dadda" and"mamma" constantly!  He loves to greet daddy on the porch when he comes home from work...he squeals and waves while saying "dadda dada dadda!!!"  He is an eater...eats everything!!  He eats and eats til his Bly button looks like it's gonna pop!!  He is in love with balls...and is naturally a good little thrower!  He's pulling up on everything possible so I'm sure he will be trying to take his first steps soon enough!  He is a pure joy and brightens up our family so much!  

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