Thursday, July 9, 2015

10 months...

This little guy is 10 months...I can't believe it!  Please say it isn't so!!!  This little cutie started to crawl right at 10 months...he's been rolling a scooting for a while now but he finally got off his belly and started going!  He even pulled up too!  He continues to say "daddy" all the time...and for everything!  He loves eating...he's not picky one bit!  He has not refused anything that I have put in front of him!  Loves it all!  He's doing good using his little sippy cup and loves water!  He really enjoys feeding himself now....he shovels his food in at every meal!  He continues to be a good sleeper....he goes to bed by 8:00 and is awake around 7:30.  He enjoys napping in the morning (if we are home) and napping in the afternoon.  But, he's very flexible so if we are out and about, he's fine with napping on the go!  He loves his big sister and brother too!  He prefers to be smack dab in the middle of whatever they are playing. :)  He loves splashing in the bath tub and looks forward to taking baths with them too!  His little personality continues to come out and it is the sweetest, most tender little thing!  He's quiet and affectionate and always full of smiles.  We sure love our little Tucky!

Weight: 17lb 

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