Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Fire Truck Party

Jackson had the toughest time deciding on his theme for his party this year....he was set on a "choo-choo" party until a few weeks before his party!  He quickly decided that he would much rather have a "Fire truck" party!! SO...a fire truck party is what we did for our little man...

We met friends at our local fire station that is just 1/2 mile from our house!  They graciously gave us an hour tour....which the kiddos and adults thoroughly enjoyed!

Everyone had the opportunity to sit on the fire truck!

We learned all about fire safety as well as lots about the different engines!

We even got to meet a real fireman!

Tucker loved the festivities...

Such a fun group of friends...

After our tour, we headed back home to enjoy cupcakes and presents!

It was such a fun day of celebrating!! I'm pretty certain it far exceeded Jack's expectations. ;)

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