Wednesday, May 6, 2015

9 months!

Our little sailor is 9 months!!! Where is time going!!  He's not allowed to grow up this fast!!  He is on the move for sure...his belly isn't officially off the ground but you can be certain that he will get wherever he wants to go! With a little scoot and a roll, he is off!  Thankfully, he's only gotten stuck under the bed twice! Hahaha!!! I looked over and saw little toes poking out....with a little squeal!  He can pull himself up to his knees and likes to stand on his little feet if we help him! He loves splashing in the tub and loves eating!!  I haven't found a food that he doesn't enjoy!  And oh my!  This boy has an appetite!  He may be a little fella but he eats like aman! :)  he has established quite the reputation for himself as being "the best baby ever"....seriously...he is!  Every time I pick him up from childcare...or from a babysitter...they go I and on about how sweet and easy he is..precious child!!  He recognizes his nAme and calls everything "dadda."  He loves his big brother and sister and giggles at their funny doings!  He's a continual joy to our family and his smile and tender disposition is a blessing to all!


Head  18.5 in.     86%
Height 27.5in.     20%
Weight  15lb 13oz 2%

We are officially on the weight charts!!!!! Go Tuck go! 

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