Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3 year old handsome man

Say it isn't snuggle bug can not possibly be three!!!!!?  This little guy has stolen my heart...he's full of...(wait, I had to stop for him to smooch me, hug me and give me a thumbs up)....ok back now.  He's full of personality, energy, love, tenderness, eagerness, and courage!  He is 110% all boy!  He loves worms, bugs, trains, trucks, dirt, mud, running, jumping, wrestling, rolling, skipping, balls, bats, weapons, guitars, singing, dancing, eating....and of course eating meat!  He is the boy who scales the outside of the trampoline...full of adventure....and the boy who nuzzles in my neck at rest time to sleep.  He skips 4 steps as he jumps down the stairs and lands on his feet...yet he greets his friends with a tight squeeze and a kiss on the cheek.  Although, he is full of energy, he has grown to love school time!  His attention span has grown leaps and bounds the past few months...and he's so proud of himself when he finishes his tracing, puzzles and activities all on his own!  He's mastered saying his alphabet, counting to 10, all his colors and his shapes!  Go Jack go!

He's my handsome boy who all he asked for at Christmas was "skinny jeans, a "belk" (belt) and a bike"...and he got them all!  You will rarely find him without his "belk" on!!  He loves to play hard but it's top priority to be looking his best for church!  

He loves his sissy and loves to snuggle with her...sleepovers with her are the best!  He's my boy who plays bar and sleeps harder...

Ooooo I forgot to mention that He loves tunnels!!! 

It's my prayer that the Lord will give us wisdom as we allow him to be wild at heart...yet tamed by the Holy Spirit...fuof adventure yet submissive to the Lord's leading.  I pray he is able to fully enjoy playing and  running hard as well as serving gently and loving with compassion.  Such a privilege to invest in His sweet life!  I'm sure this next year will be filled with lots of new and crazy wild adventures!!

Height: 37.25 in.    47%
Weight: 35 lb.   75%

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