Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3 year old handsome man

Say it isn't snuggle bug can not possibly be three!!!!!?  This little guy has stolen my heart...he's full of...(wait, I had to stop for him to smooch me, hug me and give me a thumbs up)....ok back now.  He's full of personality, energy, love, tenderness, eagerness, and courage!  He is 110% all boy!  He loves worms, bugs, trains, trucks, dirt, mud, running, jumping, wrestling, rolling, skipping, balls, bats, weapons, guitars, singing, dancing, eating....and of course eating meat!  He is the boy who scales the outside of the trampoline...full of adventure....and the boy who nuzzles in my neck at rest time to sleep.  He skips 4 steps as he jumps down the stairs and lands on his feet...yet he greets his friends with a tight squeeze and a kiss on the cheek.  Although, he is full of energy, he has grown to love school time!  His attention span has grown leaps and bounds the past few months...and he's so proud of himself when he finishes his tracing, puzzles and activities all on his own!  He's mastered saying his alphabet, counting to 10, all his colors and his shapes!  Go Jack go!

He's my handsome boy who all he asked for at Christmas was "skinny jeans, a "belk" (belt) and a bike"...and he got them all!  You will rarely find him without his "belk" on!!  He loves to play hard but it's top priority to be looking his best for church!  

He loves his sissy and loves to snuggle with her...sleepovers with her are the best!  He's my boy who plays bar and sleeps harder...

Ooooo I forgot to mention that He loves tunnels!!! 

It's my prayer that the Lord will give us wisdom as we allow him to be wild at heart...yet tamed by the Holy Spirit...fuof adventure yet submissive to the Lord's leading.  I pray he is able to fully enjoy playing and  running hard as well as serving gently and loving with compassion.  Such a privilege to invest in His sweet life!  I'm sure this next year will be filled with lots of new and crazy wild adventures!!

Height: 37.25 in.    47%
Weight: 35 lb.   75%

5 year old Princess

I can not even believe I am writing the blog entry for a five year old!! It can't be so!!  Surely my princess isn't growing up this fast!!?  Although, it does make me a little sad that she's growing up so is such a privilege to have the opportunity to see her grow and mature so beautifully inside and out.  Over the past year she has transformed from a preschool/toddler to a sweet, tender little girl!  It's so much fun doing things together as she has more independence and interest in activities!  We woke up early on her birthday and ventured out to breakfast at Panera Bread.  I felt like I was with a fun girlfriend just hanging out people watching and enjoying a cinnamon bagel. :) Then, we headed to Old Navy to get a few cute summer sundresses!  My girl has got style...she's such a cutie to shop with!

Daddy came home eat from work and took her out on a date to see the new Cinderella!  Of course she dresses up...she was super excited. :)

We have had so much fun learning this year. She has become a diligent little student...she's always loved "school projects" but it was so cool this year to see the pieces all come together for her as she began to read.  The joy and confidence she gained through mastering her letters and sounds....reading simple stories as well as mastering writing her letters and numbers.  She has a love for drawing and coloring too!  I can definitely see that she has lots of creativity flowing. She loves anything princess, anything ballet, anything dress-up, anything doll related as well as all kinds of music and art!  In the course of a single day, she averages 6 different outfits....with a few dress up dresses thrown in there!  Her locks of hair continue to thicken and she loves having her hair braided in all sorts of ways.  She has the most tender she's a strong girl and has a very strong mind...but she has the sweetest heart that desires to obey and please.  It's been amazing to see her heart turn toward spiritual things.  She is full of questions as she's seeking to understand and know more about Jesus.  She prays the most thoughtful she's praying and talking with us about Jesus...I can just see her little wheels turning.  It's my daily prayer that she will continue to have a heart sensitive toward spiritual things and a heart that desires to follow Jesus with her whole being.  She has such a contagious, fun personality that draws others to her...and it's my prayer that as she seeks Jesus that others will experience His love through her.  This coming year will be filled with lots of new adventures for her as she begins Kibdergarten...and going to her new school on Tuesdays!  I pray the Lord guides her and guards her in every way.  It's truly a blessing to be her mommy. :)


Height 45 in.  80%
Weight 47lb.  85%

Strawberry Pickin'

Last weekend, we headed north about 20 minutes and went strawberry picking! We went to this same farm last fall where we picked pumpkins...such a sweet farm...full of yummy treats!

We all had lots of fun filling our baskets with scrumptious juicy strawberries!

Tucker loves them so much!!! :)

9 months!

Our little sailor is 9 months!!! Where is time going!!  He's not allowed to grow up this fast!!  He is on the move for sure...his belly isn't officially off the ground but you can be certain that he will get wherever he wants to go! With a little scoot and a roll, he is off!  Thankfully, he's only gotten stuck under the bed twice! Hahaha!!! I looked over and saw little toes poking out....with a little squeal!  He can pull himself up to his knees and likes to stand on his little feet if we help him! He loves splashing in the tub and loves eating!!  I haven't found a food that he doesn't enjoy!  And oh my!  This boy has an appetite!  He may be a little fella but he eats like aman! :)  he has established quite the reputation for himself as being "the best baby ever"....seriously...he is!  Every time I pick him up from childcare...or from a babysitter...they go I and on about how sweet and easy he is..precious child!!  He recognizes his nAme and calls everything "dadda."  He loves his big brother and sister and giggles at their funny doings!  He's a continual joy to our family and his smile and tender disposition is a blessing to all!


Head  18.5 in.     86%
Height 27.5in.     20%
Weight  15lb 13oz 2%

We are officially on the weight charts!!!!! Go Tuck go! 

A Fire Truck Party

Jackson had the toughest time deciding on his theme for his party this year....he was set on a "choo-choo" party until a few weeks before his party!  He quickly decided that he would much rather have a "Fire truck" party!! SO...a fire truck party is what we did for our little man...

We met friends at our local fire station that is just 1/2 mile from our house!  They graciously gave us an hour tour....which the kiddos and adults thoroughly enjoyed!

Everyone had the opportunity to sit on the fire truck!

We learned all about fire safety as well as lots about the different engines!

We even got to meet a real fireman!

Tucker loved the festivities...

Such a fun group of friends...

After our tour, we headed back home to enjoy cupcakes and presents!

It was such a fun day of celebrating!! I'm pretty certain it far exceeded Jack's expectations. ;)

A Frozen Party

For the past year, Bella has been planning her "Frozen" party!!  We alternate years for friend parties....balancing them with more low key celebrations.  But, this was her long awaited friend party!!  I have to admit, I had so much fun planning it and we pulled off a pretty fun party after all! :)

Our table of festive snacks...

A sweet friend of mine taught me how to bake a party cake!

We built snowmen...

Played "pin the nose on Olaf"...

My beautiful Bella sure looked like a real princess...

Cousins :)

Zoe came as "Anna"...

We found a fun recipe for "snow" using lotion and powdered sugar!...of course we added glitter to make it Elsa appropriate ;)

Bella invited all of her very special friends....I felt like I was throwing the party for each of them.  Bella has been blessed with such precious girlfriends....I love them each so much!  It was such a fun day of celebrating with all her sweet friends!