Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Our handsome fella is 1/2 a year!! Canubelieve it!? He is such pure joy o all those around him!  He is just the perfect balance of spirited personality mixed with an easy going relaxed disposition.  He slept 9.5 hours last his big boy crib!  My mommy heart is so sashay he's not in his cradle next to me but I knew he was more than ready to stretch out and snooze in his comfy crib!  He also has been breaking loose from his swaddle blanket so I knew it was time for a sleep more tight caccoon wraps.  He seems to have adjusted to his crib just fine!  Today he napped 1.5 in the morning and afternoon! Yay big boy! :) He loves to play with toys!  He loves his exersaucer...loves eating in his bumbo...chews on everything!  Is their a toothe coming!?!  He likes his play may and loves when his sissy lays with him!  He sits up now...and is getting stronger and more sturdy every day!  He is very fond of solid foods...bananas and sweet potatoes tie for his favorite!  He has the sweetest giggles and Bella gets him going the best!  He continues to be such a special little blessing!


Head 17 3/4 in.     85%
Height 25 3/4 in.    20%
Weight  12lb 13oz 

Sweet thing isn't on the chart for weight but he's making his own curve sober is pleased! Yay!

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