Friday, February 20, 2015

My Precious Mother...

I'm sure I will blog more in the future about my dearest mama and the journey God has our family on right now...but for now I wanted to share the letter my dad sent out to his church family.

Stand Still and See

Dear Church Family,

As many of you know, Carolyn has been struggling with an increasing weakness in her left leg for the last eleven months. After months of tests here in Nashville, concluding with a neuromuscular specialist at Vanderbilt, we received a preliminary diagnosis in November 2014. Feeling the need for a second opinion, we recently visited the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Florida. The diagnosis there concurred with that of Vanderbilt as being a motor neuron disease, typically described as ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

At this point, the positive part is that her weakness is isolated and limited to her left leg with no symptoms by way of the most recent EMG in any other part of her body. This status would lead to seeing her condition as slow-progressing ALS or even Primary Lateral Sclerosis, which would be life altering but not life threatening.

Only time will tell what she and we are facing. Obviously, this has been difficult news for our family. There are presently 30,000 cases of ALS in the U.S. with 5000 new cases a year. Presently, there is no cure, and only one drug that reduces the progress of the disease by 10-25% per year.

In reality, whatever the cause of her symptoms will either increase, be arrested and limited, or be healed and reversed by God completely. We are believing God for the latter. In these days, God has put in my heart  the following assurances: do not be afraid…this sickness is not unto death…it will leave as it came…it will be as it was…my mercy is upon you…stand still and see the salvation of the LORD.

To save from sharing these facts multiple times with those of you who would inquire, I felt it best to communicate in this church-wide email and then briefly this coming Sunday morning. 

We are moving forward, bruised but not defeated. We will live every day to the fullest doing the next right things. We will anticipate the faithfulness of God just as He has demonstrated exceedingly abundantly His power and goodness in times past. Your love, prayers, and friendship have and will continue to sustain us. 

sense that God is up to something not only in our lives but also in the life of Forest Hills Baptist. My prayer for years is that during my lifetime God would show Himself in an apostolic way where His reality, power and salvation would be overwhelmingly and undeniably realized, and that He would be glorified in many lost lives being saved and nominal believers being awakened and energized to prayer and witness. This may be God’s answer to my prayer. 

The Lord Jesus is the consummate healer in every way who takes the bitter waters of life and makes them sweet. He is the consuming peace who calms every storm. He is the conquering King who brings victory in every circumstance. He is the compassionate, comforting Shepherd who leads us in the paths of rightness for His name’s sake. He is therefore we rest in Him.

Under His mighty hand with great hope and gratitude, your pastor and wife, Sam and Carolyn


7 months!

Our precious bundle of love is 7 months!! He is truly the sweetest "little" bundle of love!  His little tender personality comes out more each day...he is the most easy going, pleasant little fella.  He loves playing in his jumper, still enjoys relaxing in his swing, loves to sit in his bumbo, gets excited when he can play on his play may...will do tummy time if necessary but just plops over, and likes the new perspective of sitting alone surrounded by toys!  I know...can u believe he sits alone!  He's growing up!!!...too fast!  He is babbling "mamamama & dadadada" but I'm not so sure he associates them with us just yet.  He continues to love nursing 8 times a day along with his 3 solid meals.  He's had sweet taters, bananas, avocados, carrots, green beans, squash, pears and yogurt!  He is a champ at sleeping in his crib now....1 long morning nap & a long afternoon nap!  We continue to be blessed by his little life and are so thankful for him!!

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Our handsome fella is 1/2 a year!! Canubelieve it!? He is such pure joy o all those around him!  He is just the perfect balance of spirited personality mixed with an easy going relaxed disposition.  He slept 9.5 hours last his big boy crib!  My mommy heart is so sashay he's not in his cradle next to me but I knew he was more than ready to stretch out and snooze in his comfy crib!  He also has been breaking loose from his swaddle blanket so I knew it was time for a sleep more tight caccoon wraps.  He seems to have adjusted to his crib just fine!  Today he napped 1.5 in the morning and afternoon! Yay big boy! :) He loves to play with toys!  He loves his exersaucer...loves eating in his bumbo...chews on everything!  Is their a toothe coming!?!  He likes his play may and loves when his sissy lays with him!  He sits up now...and is getting stronger and more sturdy every day!  He is very fond of solid foods...bananas and sweet potatoes tie for his favorite!  He has the sweetest giggles and Bella gets him going the best!  He continues to be such a special little blessing!


Head 17 3/4 in.     85%
Height 25 3/4 in.    20%
Weight  12lb 13oz 

Sweet thing isn't on the chart for weight but he's making his own curve sober is pleased! Yay!