Saturday, November 15, 2014

Road Trip

I'm We loaded up and made our first road trip...first stop Atlanta!

We made our annual weekend visit to see my 3 best friends from childhood!  It's always such a sweet time together and it's so much fun to see all our kiddos together now!  Between the four of us wi have 11 kids!

We stayed at Em'a house and my kids loved her girls...soany new dress up clothes and outdoor adventures!

Little Blythe and Bella look like they could be sisters...sweet baby girls...

Em, Bets and Katie...I met these dear friends when my family moved to Atlanta and I was just 10. Over the years, our friendships deepened and deepened and grew stronger and stronger.  We just pick up where we left them and treasure each one of them.  They are my prayer warriors and my iron sharpens iron friends! :)

After Atlanta, we headed up to Chattanooga where we cheered for Papa in his 10th Ironman!  It was so fun being with all the cousins!!

Then, I took my kiddos back to Nashville where we enjoyed spending the week with Papa and Mimi!  Lots of sweet times and treasured memories together...

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