Saturday, November 15, 2014


One cool, fall Friday morning we headed up north about 20 miles to a Pumpkin Farm!  We had a blast!

The kids loved exploring the farm...

Our first stop was the big corn put!  It was so fun to jump and roll in...needless to say we found corn kernels on us and in our clothes/diapers throughout the day! :)

Then, we had a little game of pumpkin bowling!  

Of course we had to find our way through the big corn maze...thanks to Bella's navigation skills, we all found our way out...

We loved the hay ride that took us on a tour of the farm! We saw pigs and goats...bee hives and honey...corn fields and strawberry fields and learned all about how a farm produces crops!

We chose our favorite pumpkins then took one more dive back into the corn pit!

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