Saturday, November 29, 2014

Beautiful Lengths :)

For the past year I've debated whether or not to cut my hair...and I finally received the confirmation I needed last week to chop it!  I discovered Pantene's Beautiful Length program...basically they take color free, gray free hair at a minimal length of 8 inches.  They create wigs for women battling cancer and give them to the women for free!  I knew as soon as I read about the program that it was exactly where I wanted to donate my hair.  We spent the week of Thanksgiving in Nashville so I had plenty of sitters while I ventured to the salon!  We measured about 10 inches and made the cut!  
For those of you who are "working" stay stay at home will probably be able to relate...but I was just so excited to have an opportunity to bless someone in need.  I don't have really any spare minutes in my day during this season of life...and not tons to give away.  But, I knew as soon as I read about this program that it was something tangible that I was certainly capable of doing for someone in need.  I pray that my hair will be a beautiful blessing to a special lady battling the awful disease of cancer.  I pray the Lord uses my hair to lift the chin on a precious lady and bring a smile to her face.  And maybe just maybe I can grow out my hair and give one more donation before the gray hair sets in!! :)

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