Saturday, November 29, 2014

4 months!

Our sweet boy is 4 months old!  This little nugget is as precious as ever!  He has just come out of his shell this past month!  He is a happy little guy...and his eyes seem to always be on me (his mommy).  He will follow me with his eyes as I walk all over the house...then as soon as I make eye contact with him his face lights up with the biggest grin!  He discovered his hands and legs this month.  He loves sucking on his hands as well as looking at his long slender fingers.  He kicks his legs and does leg lifts too!  He loves his play may gym...his favorite toy is the mirror.  He can even roll all the way to his sides...I have a feeling he will be flipping over this next month.  He's still a little thing...I met with a lactation consultant and she discovered he had a slight tongue tie.  So we had a procedure to clip his frenulum.  His dr was slightly concerned about his weight gain (although he's gaining about 10-12oz a month just like Bella).  So, I've been nursing every 2.5 hours and pumping to supplement an oz after each feed.  He seems so happy and content most the day so my motherly instinct says he's just following in his sisters growth pattern!  He does great in the nursery and charms all the ladies.  My favorite time with him is at night when it's just he and I awake...we have the sweetest pillow talk.  He just coos and babbles up a storm with me. :)
He continues to be such a treasure to our family...we are blessed beyond measure to have him.  

His stats:

Head 16.75 in. 75%
Height 25.25  15%
Weight  11lb 2 oz

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