Saturday, November 15, 2014

2 months

Tucker continues to be such a sweet addition to our family.  His little personality is barely just starting to show itself...we get glimpses of his smile if we are really lucky.  He smiled for the first time right around 7 weeks...and shows us he likes us every so often. :). He's adapting very well to our full, noisy house!  As long as he's fed every 2-3 hours, changed and swaddled tight for naps then he's a happy camper!  We started going for walks together which he loves!  The outdoor noises usually put him right to sleep...and he loves the sun's warmth.  He continues to enjoy church with nursery yet!  His little routine begins around 8 with nursing then he basically eats, "plays", sleeps and does it again!  His "play time" is swinging, cuddlin with brother or sister, rocking...or maybe tummy time.  But, he's not too fond of it yet.  He loves park dates...he loves relaxing in the stroller in the warm sun while brother & sister play.  He's even been to story time already!  He's just along for the ride!

His stats:
Height 22.5 20%
Head 50%
Weight 9lb 8oz 5%

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