Thursday, September 4, 2014

One month!

Little Tucker turned one month!  I can't believe he's been a part of our family for a month already!  He has been the sweetest little addition!  He loves to nurse, sleep and sometimes if we are really lucky he will open his big round eyes for us!  He nurses about every 2-2.5 hours during the day and most night he goes 3-4 hours.  He loves to be snuggled with and rocked.  Being swaddled is a definite these days...nice and tight and warm!  The little guy doesn't have much choice than to tag along with our crazy little family and be on the go with us!  Our days usually begin around 8...after breakfast I put Tucker to nap while I do school with sister & brother.  Around 10, we nurse and then are off to the park, a play date, story time or to run an errand!  We are home for lunch and then the boys nap while Bella and I finish up her school...then we join in and rest!  It has been unbelievable but most days all of us get to nap at the same time!  Bella usually plays quietly or relaxes with a favorite movie.  The evenings are the hardest times for Tucker...we usually swaddle him tight and take turns holding and rocking from 5:00ish til 9ish.  Evenings seem to be challenging for most babies...but with sweet snuggles we will make it!  I am continuously overwhelmed by this sweet little blessing.  I look in the face of precious Tucker and tears fill my eyes...there were many months I never thought I would be able to have one child and now I am looking in the precious eyes of my third beautiful baby.  God is so good...his blessings abound.  He sees us through the valleys and rejoices with us on the mountain top experiences!  I praise Him for the healthy little lives He's given us...and I thank Him daily for strength and energy he gives me every morning to care for them and love them.  This has been the quickest I have bounced back from pregnancy and delivery....words can't express how thankful I am for that!  I am treasuring every moment of this crazy whirlwind!  Crazy days...the hours sometimes seem to pass so slowly as I'm tripping over Legos and wrangling a potty training toddler while nursing all while calming an emotional 4 year old BUT somehow the days and weeks seem to be flying by.  I pray I can soak up every moment and make the most of these fleeting days with my little ones.  So much to be thankful for!!

Here are little Tucker's stats:
(So far he seems to be following in the looks and growth of Bella!  We shall see!)

Height 21.5 inches 50%
Head 37.5 cm 50%
Weight 8lb 3oz 10%

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