Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ballerina AND Soccer Player!

Bella loved every moment of ballet last we are embarking on our second year!  She will continue to take at South Carolina Christian Dance Theater.  We have Mrs. Erin again as her teacher who we adore!  
As we were getting ready, Bella said, "Mom! I really hope I can remember all my ballet moves...I do remember a butterfly one..."

This year one of Bella's special girlfriends will be joining her!  Little Zoe...

For the past year, Bella has observed the soccer players at the fields near where we play on the playground.  She has begged us to play soccer...we decided that we would wait til she was four.  We wanted to try and set her up for the best experience possible! 

She's playing with the's ages 4&under and co-ed.  Last night was her first practice and she was smiles ear to ear...

She's a speedy little thing out there!  It was fun for all! :)

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