Sunday, May 11, 2014

She-She's Visit...

We enjoyed a sweet visit from She-She in March!  It was so much fun having her here...we love when she comes to stay at our house and we get to show her all around our city!  

We loved having her at church with us on Sunday too...and introducing her to all our special friends!

One night we met Jordan, Ellen and cousins Maddy and Jude at a drive-in movie!  It was so much fun...

The girls especially thought it was amazing that they could cuddle under blankets together in the back of the van...eating popcorn and sweet treats while enjoying a fun movie!

Sometimes after a busy day of fun just need to take a little nap with your She-She...

We even had a special little early birthday celebration for Bella!

And Bella was beyond thrilled that She-She gave her "Frozen"...such a perfect gift!!

She-She was here on the official first day of we ventured to get some free Italian Ice at Rita's...yum...yum!!!

Everyone enjoyed their favorite flavors...watermelon for Bella, banana for Jackson and She-She...passion fruit for mommy...and hmmmm....I'm not sure what daddy opted for but I'm sure it was delicious!!

She-She took us down to the Riverfront and captured some amazing pictures of our family!!  I will be posting those pictures in a future blog entry...She has such a unique talent in capturing the unique personalities of our family.  We are very fortunate to have such a gifted She-She!

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