Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jackson is 2!

How can it be that my little man is TWO!?! can it be???  This little guy has brought a new outlook on my life that I never knew I needed.  From the moment he graced us with his presence, he has been the most tender hearted, layer back, sweet spirited little guy.  Now along with that comes an adventurous, daring, risk-taking, coordinated, full of laughter and joy personality also!
He's always been the type to just go along with the flow of our day...never causing too much racket or adding too much stress to anyones day.  He loves life and loves people...he's a more quiet disposition...but his little eyes are so full of expression that you can read his little heart just by peering into those deep brown eyes.  He's a snuggler and loves to cuddle and rock.  Let's be honest...he nursed until he was 20 months...basically until mommy got pregnant and just couldn't keep it up.  Haha!  I never had a all these boy things are so new to me!  How in the world does he come out and just be naturally gravitated towards balls, trucks, "go-go's" cars, "choo-choo's", dirt, sticks, mud and swinging from anything that looks swingable!?!  I love it so much!!  I love how different he is from Bella and how unique his little interests are!  I love how he loves to be a monkey...he's a quiet monkey though.  So, if it gets too quiet around the house, we know we better start looking!  We'll usually find him scaling the pantry for a quick snack...or the refrigerator.  Or he may be hanging on to the stair well banister practicing his acrobatic moves. =)  Now unlike Bella, his dance moves are more that of hmmm....a country dancer/rapper?!?  There aren't any twirls or soft motions!  HA!  He has such a unique inquisitive mind.  Like Bella, he definitely is a blend of Jeremy and me.  I see so much of Jeremy's disposition in him and easy going-everybody's best friend personality.  But, he also has an interesting streak of my notice for detail!  It's so funny the littlest things that will bother hime...doesn't like for rugs to be out of place or cabinets to be open...or big spots of dirt on the floor.  Maybe he will end up being my little cleaning buddy!  Whenever he's in childcare at church or the gym or with a babysitter, they always tend to say the same thing about him..."He's just such a sweet kid, so funny and so easy going!"

It's been so cool to see how he and Bella have different strengths!  Bella was always so verbally advanced...singing and talking up a storm by age 2.  However, Jackson really just started making sense with his words!  But, he on the other hand, is so physically advanced!  Mastering stairs, scaling cabinets, teaching himself to ride his tricycle, mastering the playground, getting on and off the trampoline alone...AH!, flipping and jumping and running and climbing everything!  A man of few words but with a lot of speed and coordination! =)  And I love it!!  He also has a really good sense of tone/pitch!  Even from a young age, Jeremy will sing or play a note and he can nearly match most anything!  It's so funny!!  It will continue to be so fun to see his personality and gifts begging to shine!  

Just in the past few months, he's really shown an interest in sitting and listening to us read to him...which is so fun!!  Of course, he prefers books on Trucks, Elmo and Balls! =)  That makes for a nice change from princesses and ballerinas!  I'm super excited about working with him as he continues to show more and more  interest in coloring, reading books and learning!  I plan on working with him this fall and implementing the 2 year old curriculum from
I know I've mentioned in previous blog entries...but I love that curriculum!!  It's so great and ideal for teaching even the youngest learners...focusing on Jesus and integrating all the basic concepts into our day!  It really has helped given me tools to be intentional with our time together!  So, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for just that!  

Now is the age when I will begin keeping record of all the cute and funny words/sayings that Jackson starts saying!  I just love this age...they really begin to transform from a baby to a toddler and their personalities begin to shine!  We love our little guy and he continues to be a sweet blessing to our family.  I know the Lord has such great plans for his life and I feel so honored to get to share in it.  I pray the Lord will give me just the right amount of structure to show him and boundaries to set...but yet give me the courage and peace I need to let him explore and be the adventurous little guy that I know his heart desires to be each day.  

His Routine:

7:30            Wake/Breakfast
8:00            Gym with mommy and sisters
9:30            Rest time/Play time in room
11:00ish     Play/Errands/Playdates
12:30          Lunch
1:30           Nap Time
4:00           Play
5:30           Dinner
8:00           Bath/Books/Bed
                 (He loves when we sit together and read a few books, sing a few songs (Jesus Loves Me, 
                 B-I-B-L-E) and then pray together...he always wants me to rock him like a baby...and he       
                 just closes his eyes and enjoys every moment!)

His Stats:

Height:  35 inches  75%
Weight:  30 lbs.  65%

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