Tuesday, November 26, 2013

18 months!

I truly am filled with mixed emotion as I write this blog entry!  Excited..yes,  and my heart is so warm as every day I see my handsome boy's personality blossom.  A little melancholy, of course,  because my baby is no longer a baby...he's a toddler...quickly going from toddling to running!  He truly is such a sweet blessing to my life.  He is a quiet little thing and loves exploring everywhere!  He is very curious and interested in learning new things...as well as figuring things out himself.  He's a big boy now...he has refused to sit in his high chair now for a couple months!  Although, I think I've tricked him into sitting in a booster seat at the table...thank goodness!

 Poor guy can hardly see over the table without it!

He eats when he's hungry...but you'll never find him over eating by any means.  If he eats a ton one day...he usually decides to cut back the next.  I've learned that he's fine and not to force him!  He loves playing in the YMCA nursery with his big sister and friends when I exercise through out the week.  He holds my hand and walks all the way to the classroom and then walks right on in without hesitation!  Loves it! =)  He still is happiest with a good morning nap and an afternoon nap.  We usually put him down around 9:00 and he'll sleep till around 10:30 while Bella and I do her preschool together. He loves running and playing in the back yard with Bella....loves to ride his Little Tyke car (aka: flinstone car), loves exploring and throwing rocks and sticks....loves to just sit in the lawn chairs and enjoy a beautiful fall day with his sissy!

He always looks for the opportunity to kick and throw balls too!

He definitely appreciates a good playground...but we can't take our eyes off him or he will quickly be climbing up the ladders and ramps and helping himself right down the biggest kid slides as he is afraid of Nothing!!  He much more prefers slides to the swings...I think he either gets motion sickness or just plain ole bored. ;)  He has begun to enjoy story time on Fridays!  He thinks it's so awesome to sing the songs especially.  But, he'll do pretty good listening to the books too.  He loves music and has good ear for pitch too!  We were pleasantly surprised one night when Jeremy started singing various notes and he repeated them right back to him!  So precious!  He won't walk past a guitar without begging for it....then he wants to strum it and sing.  He loves a good round of "The Hokey Pokey."  SO cute...like truly the cutest thing to watch ever!  He enjoys sidewalk chalk and has begun scribbling with crayons!  He's mastered climbing up and down the stairs just fine...which makes my heart rest a little more at ease. He has more words each week...his favorite words at this point are:  mamma, daddy, sissy, boo-boo, hi, bye, ow, eww, uh-oh, she-she, mimi, pappa, more...and we are working on animal noises!  He knows all his body parts...which is the most fun thing to practice with him.  He loves his cowboy boots...

It's been so cool to see the different ways that he has developed from Bella.  He is so much more agile and physically advanced...and he thrives when he can climb, run, jump and explore.  Bella was so advanced verbally but was much more cautious and careful with her physical activities.  He's my snuggle bug for sure...I'm pretty certain that I have finished producing milk...but there may be a little left.  However, he still wants to nurse just a couple times a day...I'm convinced he's content with just a few drops of milk...but the cuddling and physical touch is what he desires most.  Yep, his love language will be physical touch...I'm most certain. =)  I rarely remember being able to rock Bella to sleep as a toddler...but Jackson loves the special treat  of cuddling and rocking to sleep in my arms...and so do I!!  I'm looking forward to experiencing the holidays with him...I think he will enjoy all the lights and festivities!

His stats:

Weight 24.5 lb.    65%
Height  30inches  35%
Head  18 inches  80%

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Cassie said...

This was such a sweet read. You truly encouraged me in the nursing realm. Elanor is still going strong at (almost) 1 year, and to read that Jackson is still a sweet cuddly nurser really settled my heart.
Thank you!