Monday, October 21, 2013

Kona Day 7 & Saying Good-bye

I did not want this trip to "Paradise" to end!!  It was such a taste of heaven...such sweet fellowship with my family making precious memories together in the most gorgeous creation that I have ever seen!

We all decided to make the most of our last day...finishing up things we wanted to do before leaving!

So, I started my morning with a beautiful 7 mile run along the coast...

This little guy was once again my beloved date...

After breakfast together, we all loaded up and headed to the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation!
Kona is well-known for it's pristine this was a must for the coffee drinkers in the family.  I don't drink coffee...unless it's loaded with milk and sugar...but this coffee I must say was really good!

After a brief tour of the plantation and explanations as to how the grow, process and create their coffee beans...

We enjoyed free coffee samples and tea!

Such a fun morning together...

You may not be able to tell here...but it was raining!  Once you reach a certain elevation on the island, it no longer stays 80 degrees all day every day!  But it drizzles...which is why it produces such amazing coffee!

We enjoyed our Coffee experience, then headed back down the mountain to make the most of our last day on the beaches!

We splashed and played in the water!  Bella and I enjoyed paddle boarding together!  SO, SO much fun!!

My mom treated us girls to pedicures before packing up and heading to the airport!  What better way to end a nice vacation than a bit of relaxing pampering!

A flight from Kona to LA...from LA to Minneapolis and then to Charolette...and we were home safe and sound!  Our last pilot invited the kiddos up the see the cock pit after the flight!  So fun for them ;)

And we were greeted with a sweet sign on our door from some of our good friends.....never fun for a glorious vacation to have to come to an end...but we look forward to seeing all our South Carolina friends!!!  We sure missed them while we were away...

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