Monday, October 21, 2013

Kona Day 5

There are certain privileges that come along with being the oldest grand child...sweet Bella go to spend the night with Pappa and Mimi after the Ironman race!  She thought this was the best thing ever!...To spend the night with her hero!!!

Mimi and Bella got up real early and went walking is a sweet pic from their photo shoot...

After breakfast, we all headed to another spectacular beach!  This was about 40 minutes away from our hotel...and this was our favorite beach of the entire trip!

Sweet friends...

Such a gorgeous walk to the beach from the car along a quaint little path...

We loved the water, the scenery and the fact that it was a pretty desolate beach.  It was in a valley so we were surrounded by beautiful mountains.  The waves were calm and gently which the children absolutely loved!

The snorkeling was amazing here!  We each took turns and snorkeled all along the coast of the reef you see here in the picture!  I saw such a variety of fish and even got to swim along side a huge sea turtle!  Jeremy even pointed out to me that we were swimming with the actual Hawaii state fish!  It was so pretty!

Bella loves her Meems!

Mimi has yummy food and Pappa gives good sugar...that makes for a swarm of grandchildren!!

After spending several hours at the beach, we headed home and stopped to see these wild goats on the side of the road!

We also came across this Volcano Lava Pipe...the lava flowed through this...

We took good naps and were excited to attend our first big Luau!!

We all enjoyed all the food and festivities!

Such sweet family time as we experienced this together!

Bella and Sadie were in awe of the dancing show!

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