Monday, October 21, 2013

Kona Day 4

RACE DAY!!!  We had these cute shirts made for the big day!  #seesamswimbikerun 

The girls are raring to go!! 5am =)

A bright and early morning to cheer on our Ironman!

Sweet Mimi and our Ironman...we all huddled up and said a prayer before sending him off for the big day!

My parents room was the perfect location to watch the swim, transition area and bike start!

Bella was certain that she was the professional race photographer =)

Ready, Set, GO!  And they are off!!  Such an amazing experience!!  They had loud, and I mean LOUD live Hawaiian drum very exhilarating just to watch and be a part of!

My dad had an amazing swim...and here he is under the Ironman sign about to mount his bike...

Mounting his bike...and he's off!

112 miles to go!

This was  right around 10 miles...

Such a fun day of cheering!!!  There are approximately 2300 competitors and only 1/3 from the USA!  So, it was definitely a cultural experience!  SO very cool!

Huey has joined the family cheering quite well....

Waiting for our Ironman...

After a strong's the Ironman around mile 10 of the know he's gotta feel so exhausted...but he's always got a smile on his face!

Kisses for the babies...

And THE MOST exciting part of the day!!!  Right here!!!  SO many supporters and fans cheering all along the finish line stretch!  Loud music!!  The finish is on huge TV screens at the end!  And they announce as Pappa finishes, "Sam Boyd, Franklin, Tennessee, YOU are an Ironman!!"  AWESOME!!!!!  I just can't imagine the adrenaline rush of completing not only an Ironman but THE Ironman in Kona!!!

Just lounging after the race...we sure love this man!!!  We are so proud of him!!!

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