Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 1 in Kona

Good morning Kona!

Due to the 6 hour time change, our kiddos were ready to start their first day in Hawaii at 3:30am...we figured if we could just make it to the 5's then we could venture out for a family run!  So, about 4:40am we headed down the elevator and started on our way to an amazing family run along the coast.
We met up with the gang for muffins and coffee at a local shop...then took this pic in front of the famous official Ironman sign.  All of the competitors names are written over the entire dad's name being smack dad in the center of the dot above the "m". Whoo-hoo!

After a nice breakfast, we spent our first day enjoying the accommodations at our hotel.  Jackson quickly discovered his favorite activity which was sliding down the rocks into the pool with Pappa!

Bella and Sadie were off to splash and swim in the pool as well as our beautiful hotel beach area!

Sadie, Jackson and, fun!

After some afternoon naps, we headed out to a fun touristy beach dinner!

Bella takes it seriously her role as the "mother" of all the children...

Quick glimpse of the Ironman's prep pile...

And a second gorgeous sunset...

Sunset over our hotel...

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