Friday, August 9, 2013

Traithlon Time!

About 2 months ago, some friends and I decided to train for a sprint distance triathlon!  We'd been doing spin classes together and running a bit on our we thought it would be fun to do the YMCA's triathlon!  
They got me in the pool and thankfully were lots of encouragement to me...because swimming is my least favorite component of the race.  We all dusted off our road bikes, pumped our tires and ventured out to some country roads not to far away from where we live for some nice bike rides.  (I only forgot to unclip once...and toppled over!)  I was able to give them some encouragement as we ran together a few times a week.  For those of you with preschoolers or know just how tricky it can be finding time to exercise each day...especially when you mix it up with 3 different sports!  But, with the help of my amazing hubby, I was able to get enough training in to feel confident to compete!

Here is my fan club!!  Best cheerleaders out there!

I confidently made it through the swim (350 yd), pumped it hard on the hilly bike course (14 mi) and was thankful to finally get to the run portion!  The first 1/2 of the 5k was all up hill...not exactly fun when your legs are so heavy from biking...but then the final 1.5 mi was mostly down hill.  I was glad I was able to average in the 8's!  I finished at 1:29!   

As I was racing, I found myself continually thanking the Lord for the health, strength and endurance to train and now race on such a beautiful day.  The last tri I did was in 2008...pre-baby!  For all those who know me know that pregnancy itself does not mesh well with my body!  SO this was such a glorious day as I reflected back to where my body was last summer!  I've come a long way in just a year and I thank my Jesus for the restoration He has brought to me.

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