Friday, August 9, 2013

Preschool Nook...

After much prayer, we've decided to do homeschool preschool this year!  We are super excited about it and are loving the time we've already spent learning together this summer!  We are thankful to have such a large dining room in our kitchen!  I knew it would work perfect as a place for us to enjoy our family meals as well as a double as a learning nook!  So, as you can see from the picture has been a bit bare.  Since we are renting our house...and we're not exactly sure how long we will be here, I've been hesitant to spend too much time and money adding curtains and all.  But, I decided that we needed to spruce up this nook just a bit!  So, we pulled in Bella's little kitchen, her easel and her little learning table!

After a quick trip to the fabric store, I whipped up this table runner as well as a coordinating centerpiece and wall decor!  

And with the extra fabric I made Bella a little cushion =)

Now we have a perfect little nook for homeschool preschool!  I will have to add more pictures as we fill up the walls with all of Bella's masterpieces through out the year!

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Tiffani said...

Well aren't you just so crafty! :) It looks great. I'm excited for your homeschooling decision. I pray it goes well!