Sunday, August 11, 2013

Organized and Ready!

I spent some time last night organizing our little Preschool Nook, Folders, Supplies, Cabinet and Craft Shelves. I believe we are all set to begin this fall!!  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we spent some time really praying about what the Lord would have us to this fall.  We have an amazing preschool at our church so it really made for a challenging decision!  But, as we prayed...I just continued to have such a strong desire and peace of heart to keep Bella home and do preschool together!  I am so excited to continue to have the opportunity to work with her and explore all subject areas together!  We will be using the curriculum from  I love it!!  Bella is three and will turn four in April but based on the objectives, I chose the 4 year curriculum because I think it fits her knowledge level where she is now.  Then, we can use the 5 year curriculum the year before Kindergarten! It has just enough content but it isn't too structured for a preschooler!  My favorite part of this curriculum is the strong emphasis on the Bible and it is integrated throughout all the lessons!  We will have a Bible story and verse each week as well as a character trait.  We will also be working on memorizing the books of the Bible this year!  We plan on having "school" three mornings a week while Jackson naps...which will usually be 9-10:30.  Then, we will have plenty of time in our week for zoo visits, play dates, story time, park dates, Bible study and more!    

Here's the curriculum, handwriting notebook I put together and file folder...

The teacher in me loved this!  I organized all of our activity sheets for the year! (Assessments, Bible story activities, Letters of the Week, Numbers of the Week, Color Books and Review!). I took apart the activity ringed notebook and separated them in categories. 

Here are a few samples of the handwriting practice we will be doing.  Each letter and number has a chant...I just slipped them in plastic sleeves so we can use with dry-erase markers.

Since we will be doing our school time in the kitchen area, I had to be creative with storing supplies.  I used this cabinet to organize all the supplies we will use on a daily basis (crayons, pencils, scissors, glue sticks, paper, curriculum/activities, puzzles, phonemic awareness materials, tactile letters & numbers and so on).

Here's all our other supplies!

And our little desk all ready to go under a nice window :)

I look forward to what the Lord has in store for sweet Bella this fall!  I'm sure I will learn along with her :) I will do my best to keep updates as we go!!

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