Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

Saturday night,   I took Jeremy out to a nice dinner...yes a real - DATE!!  We don't really know how to handle ourselves without our precious tag-alongs!  We dropped our kids with some friends and then headed over to Bone-Fish Grill!  At 5:58 we looked at our watches...we were finished eating dinner.  HAHA! really can eat quickly without little tiny fingers grabbing your food and having to pause every 3 seconds to cut up food for tiny mouths!

But all that to say, it was a wonderful evening together...just the two of us to enjoy adult conversation and relax together.  We ended our evening with some Starbucks and enjoyed the coffee house atmosphere. =)

Sunday was Jeremy's actual Bella and I went on a special birthday shopping spree.  Bella knew exactly what she wanted to get for her daddy...

And of course he loved it! =)

After opening presents, Bella and I baked Daddy some cookies...sang "Happy Birthday"...and enjoyed the yummy birthday cookies!

Happy Birthday Daddy...Jer...We love you!!!

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