Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

We headed out to the shores of Lake Murray and enjoyed watching fireworks together the Saturday before the 4th!  It was such a pretty fun to relax and enjoy the nice weather!

Then, on the 4th...we headed over to grill out with friends and enjoy the night celebrating our freedom and our country's birthday together!

We ended the night with what we thought were some mile neighborhood fireworks...but what in the world!!  These South Carolinians do it up big in the neighborhood!!  So, that lasted about 30 seconds then both kids were in tears!!!  Needless to say, Jeremy tucked Bella in to bed in our closet with every bathroom vent on as well as sound machines.  And I rocked Jackson to sleep. =)

They weren't too sure of the loud noises and bright flashing fireworks that were so close...

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