Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Bella and Jacksons birthdays with our family and friends!  It worked out perfect to have a joint party this year!

Bella loves the book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", and so do I =)  so we decided to throw a party based on that book!  

Here are the little invitations that we sent out to our family and friends...

I am in love with seersucker...I sewed them coordinating outfits...

Welcome to our party!!

I  made a long caterpillar with pictures of the two of them together for every month of the past year...
I found two tiny miniature books so we had all our guests sign the books so we can always remember who came to the party!  

Our menu followed along with the story...

The cupcakes were delicious and Jackson loved his own special cake!

Our guests had fun painting their own caterpillar with their finger prints...


She-She, Pappa and Mimi all came to celebrate!!  She-She took, these adorable pictures!!

This is Jackon's best little buddy from church...when ever Jackson comes in to class, Makae says, "Jackson!  Jackson!"

We had face painting too!

Lots of pretty butterflies on the girlies cheeks!

And of course we read the story to all our party guests!

Our favorite part...the butterfly!

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!

And Happy Birthday Bella!!!

Yummy cake!

We gave all our guests "Caterpillar Food" as they left our party...

Such a sweet, fun day of celebrating with my babies!!

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