Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Isabella!

 I can not even believe my little princess is three!!  I heard a friend say this week...the days sometimes go by slow but the years sure go by too, too fast!  Bella has now transitioned out of her toddler years and into a beautiful little preschool little girl!  She is full of energy and personality!  Her bubbly, friendly spirit is just can't see her precious smile and not smile with her!  She has quite personality all of her own...although I must say I see a lot of a "little Whitney" in her!  Such a crazy...yet beautiful thing to look in the eyes of your daughter and see so much of yourself...although she definitely has her daddy's eyes! :)  She is a confident girl who knows what she wants and is full of perseverance and determination.  Yet, she is balanced with a tender, sensitive, caring sweet spirit who loves to be a mommy to her little brother along with all her baby dolls and stuffed animals!  She is sensitive towards spiritual any given moment in the day you may turn around to find her singing a worship song at the top of her lungs with her eyes closed and her hands in the air!  She might just be a little charismatic!  ;) She has become such a little prayer warrior!  She prays before each of our meals as a sweet the little words that come out of her mouth and the people she prays for.
She will remember things I may forget to pray for...she definitely has a smart little mind!  Speaking of mind, she LOVES learning..."school" and our "projects"! Our special time together is during Jackson's morning nap.  We have about 1.5 hours to paint, color, practice our letters & numbers, work on our handwriting...sorting...puzzles...lacing...tracing and so on!  She loves it!  And of course, me being a teacher, I can hardly contain myself!  We have so much fun together!  She has mastered recognizing all of her letters, can count to 20 and recognizes most of her numbers 1-10.  She knows all her colors and shapes and she can even write her name.  We have recently been really working on lacing, tracing and writing our letters.  We are also beginning to work on our sounds!  She is a little sponge and soaks it all up!  She loves to read too...which makes her dates with daddy on Fridays one of her favorite days!  They go to story time at the library that is just 2 miles away, check out new books and then they go to lunch together!  It's become one of her very favorite highlights of her week!  She continues to love her big girl room and it's the first thing she wants to show her new friends or family when they come to visit!  Slowing down her little mind and getting to sleep can sometimes be challenging for we try to play really hard during the day so we are tired when it's time to rest! :)  We keep her little pink sleeping bag next to our bed...and sure enough about twice a week we wake up in the morning to find a little princess sleeping next to us.  We always start out in our own beds, but of course, if she wakes up and misses us...she is welcome to come snuggle up in her sleeping bag!  She continues to be such a great eater too!  She rarely finds something that she doesn't like!  She loves to help cook and prepare meals...and she is an excellent helper around the house!  Wow!  Yes, she is!  She likes to scrub any and everything!  And she loves to dust!  She also pulls out her vacuum and is eager to vacuum alongside me!  Her favorite outdoor activities are swinging, running, climbing, jumping, riding her tricycle, swimming, playing by the creek in her special spot with daddy, and drawing with chalk!  This precious angel continues to bless me each day!  Our prayer is that we can continue to raise her in the way Christ would have us to...guiding her and training her to follow Christ in all she does.  We pray that she will continue seek to please Him in all she does and that her heart will be a reflection of His heart.  We pray that the Lord will grant us wisdom as we discipline her and instill truths into her little heart and mind.
Words can't express what a pure delight she is to our family!  We love you sweet Bella!!  Happy third birthday!!

This girl is a true little princess!!  I mean who, other than a princess, wears a crown and carries a princess wand to the park for a picnic!??

She sure loves her sweet brother...I'm beginning to believe that he will always have two mommies. :)


Height:  39 inches    90%
Weight: 37lbs.          90%

Her pediatrician confirmed what her dr said last year at her 2 year appointment about her growth!  They are both predicting that she will be between 5'8" and 5'10"!!  We shall see!!


7                      Wake/Breakfast

9                      Help mommy with chores
                        School time with mommy

12                    Lunch

1:00 - 3:30ish  Nap

5:30                 Dinner

8:00                 Bed time

*Other than these routine parts of our day, our days are filled with play-dates, park dates, story time, crafts, walks, swimming, gym time, zoo time, Bible study...and lots more fun!!!

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