Monday, May 13, 2013

Boo sayings...

Over the past year, I have kept my phone handy and recorded cute little sayings that I wanted to always remember from Bella!  She started jabbering really young...but by the time she turned 2 she was talking in full sentences!  So, I thought it would be fun to note special words/phrases/stories she told us!
I thought it would be best to list them and then put a brief description so we can always remember...

"mica" - music

"brother can't walk...his toes are too little" - when Jackson was just a newborn

"daddy  has a big booty, i have a yittle booty and brotter has a big boy booty"..."yittle" is little

"yet me tell you a queshion" - the way she would start off her stories to us

"yucy" - her beloved doll named Lucy

"I don't can do it!" - when she didn't think she could do something

"I see you yesterday...I wanna go to church yesterday" - yesterday can mean tomorrow, today or yesterday

"I see Pastor and yee-oh but they be busy" - told me one Sunday at breakfast that she wanted to see Pastor and Leo

"I have my tears on" - when she got scared and called her daddy crying

"I never don that before" - what she would say when trying something new

"Dr. Dean's house" - what she called her pediatrician's office

"daddy, mommy, yook at me and yisten" - when she wanted our attention

"I not see mamma" - when she couldn't find something

"mommy I wanna take my shirt off like pappa takes his shirt off when he runs" - wants to run like him

"where you are" - when she talks on the phone to someone she loves

"brother is a yittle guy" - reminding herself why we have to be gentle

"I wanna play with buddy" - telling me she wants to play with brother

"daddy, why you wearing moms shirt?" - when daddy wears v-nect t's or striped sweaters

"we park in a sparkin pot" - we park in a parking spot

"daddy, I like your nest...I don't have one" - daddy's upper lip with whiskers

"when I'm a really big girl" - she has lots of plans for when she's a big girl =)

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