Monday, May 13, 2013

12 months = 1 year!!

Happy Birthday Jackson!!  He is really ONE!!!  How can it be!?!  This past months he has truly changed soo much!!  He is I mean as quick as lightening!!  He pulls up on everything and walks along the furniture!  He has stood a few times I expect this little guy will be walking in no time at all!!  He consistently says "mamma" & "dadda" and "hi!"  He waves to everyone and says "HI!"  He gives kisses and hugs on demand now!!  He is getting good at holding his own against his big sis!  A little grunt and tug.....he's getting stronger!  He loves being outside...walks and playing in the grass are his favorite!  He's not a huge fan of the swing...he likes it for a few minutes but then he's ready to get out and be on the move!  We have to keep our eyes on this quick moving little guy!  He's quiet and observant...and will be into something having the time of his life in no time at all!! He loves to sneak up the stairs!!  SO up go the baby gates!!  He loves to splash in the toilets...SO we have to close the doors and lids! ;)  He likes to squeeze between tight places...and usually gets stuck...poor guy!  He's much more interested in food the past month...his new favorite is Lasagna!  Loves it!!  He is in love with his big sister...truly mesmerized by her!  He is still a huge fan of we shall continue!  He usually nurses about 4 times a I will let him nurse until he decides he is all done...with Bella it was around 14 months.  He is a little sugar muffin...sweet as can be!  We love you sweet blessing!!!  This year has been an adventure for sure with lots of changes...and we are soooo very thankful that you were with us through it all!  Life is so much sweeter with Jackson in our family! =)


Same as 11 changes yet!


Head 18 inches  50%

Weight 21lbs  40%

Height  30 inches  50%

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