Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston (part 1)

Last Friday, we loaded up the babies and headed to the airport in the wee early hours of the morning!  We flew from Columbia to Atlanta and had a layover to met up with my parents...

They loved seeing Pappa and Mimi's airplane pull up to the terminal!  Then, we boarded our airplane and we were on our way to the great, historical city of Boston!!

My dad has done Boston 5 times...and this was Jeremy's 2nd time running the Boston marathon.  The last time I had been to Boston was when I was eight years old.  I don't remember a whole lot...except for seeing lots of pretty buildings, gorgeous old churches and lots and lots of people!!!

Bella loved flying with her Mimi...

We landed and then caught a taxi to our hotel.  Upon our arrival to our hotel, they brought out a wagon of goodies for the kids!  Bella was quick to grab the heart inflatable ball!

This sweet boy wasn't quite sure where he was...but he's always up for an adventure!

We unloaded and put the babies down for naps.  Then mom and I headed out to tour the city a bit!  We found a cool pizza place just a few blocks away...browsed around Macy's and various other little shops.  We just ordered out pizza and had a night at the hotel since we were exhausted from traveling!

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast overlooking part of the city!  We stayed about 1 mile from the finish line and about 1/4 mile from the capitol.  Perfect location!

This was our view at breakfast!

They loved looking out the huge windows...

Then, we bundled up and headed out toward the Expo!  I loved seeing all the beautiful buildings and gorgeous architecture!  Boston Commons was just a block away...and it was so pretty!  Paved sidewalks, playground, carousel, benches, pretty grassy parks...really cool!

It was fun to experience Boston again as an adult since I didn't remember lots from going as a kid!

We loved strolling the city!

I loved this can rent little boats and enjoy the city scenery!

This is a cool church...very, very old!  This is where we ended up meeting up with Jeremy and my dad after the race...

I've heard Jeremy talk so much about Boylston...the amazing grand finish of the marathon on great to be able to see if for myself again!

Bella loved this store...I mean seriously who wouldn't!!?

We ran into this fun group...they were advertising New Balance running shoes!

Jackson loved riding on Pappa's shoulders...he had the best view of all of us!

Mimi and Bella just strolled along...taking it all in!

SO fun!

Saturday night, Jer and I enjoyed a nice date...just the two of us!  It was so fun to walk the city streets together...we found a cozy little Starbucks to people watch as we enjoyed our dessert and coffee together.

Sunday morning, mom and I ran the Boston 5k!  SO fun..such a great race!  The weather was perfect...45 degrees...and the crowds cheered us on the entire way!


I had a blast's always so fun to get back into shape after having babies and enjoy being nice and strong and healthy!!  

I love this sweet Mimi...I'm so proud of her!!  I pray that I'm has healthy and fit as she is when I'm her age!  She had a strong sprint at the end of her race too...SO cute I'm telling ya!

After our race, we headed back to our hotel and showered up for church.  We attended a beautiful service at Trinity Church.....

Gorgeous architecture...

They had a special prayer time for the runners...all the marathon runners were invited to come forward and the pastor prayed over them.

After the completion of the service, the organist played "Chariots of Fire!" better way to get the marathoners pumped up!

Sunda afternoon, mom and I took Bella to the big playground on the Boston Commons!  She loved every minute of it!

They rode the pretty carousel...

And Bella met the cute frogs...

And gave them kisses...

So that was the first part of our trip to Boston!  Friday through Sunday!  Then, began the second part of our trip...

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