Saturday, April 20, 2013

11 months!

We have one more month before this handsome little fella turns 1 years old!  Can you believe it!  Seems like he is beginning to change so much these past few weeks!  He consistently says "mama...mama...mama" and every once in a while he will sneak a "dadda" in there. =)  He loves to wave now!  He waves to anyone who will make eye contact with him!  I will have him on  my hip and feel him wiggling...I look over to find him waving to people!  Such a friendly little guy he is!  He is skooting all over the place and sometimes he will even crawl on his knees and elbows now.  But, he is WAY faster doing his army he mostly just pushes with his left big toe to maneuver around!  He pulls up on everything too!  He is very curious and loves to explore!  He seems to be much, much more curious and adventurous than Bella ever was!  He has no fear!  I have to keep an eye on him at all times...and if for one second I lose him...I'm sure to find him in his 2 favorite places...either crawling up the stairs OR in the bathroom unrolling the toilet paper or splashing in the toilet!!  I know!!  I know!!  Isn't that soo gross!  Mom of the year I am..right here! :)  And it doesn't make life much easier since we have a three year old who has now mastered potty training but sometimes forgets to flush or forgets to put the lid down!  I have to say that his favorite thing in the entire world is still to nurse!...I mean he loves it!  We call it "nursey-nurse"...and you have to be careful not to say those words around him unless he's getting some milky or else he'll be "diggin" for it!  ;)  He is a great little napper...takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap for about 1.5 hour each.  He's pretty flexible...functions much better on two naps but if for some reason he misses one...he's just fine.  We've tried a variety of foods now and he pretty much eats anything.  We haven't done much meat yet since he has a tendency to get constipated every now and then...but he loves turkey!  He really isn't that into food...I mean he'll eat when he is hungry and he'll try new foods.  But he definitely doesn't clear his tray or want to snack a lot.
His sweet personality continues to charm all those who have the opportunity to love on him.  He truly is a laid back, easy going little guy!  He is very patient with his full of energy big sis...and gets dragged around a bit.  I'm sure it won't be too long before he really stands up for himself and puts of a bit of a fight for the toy he wants. :)
He is our snuggle bug for sure!  We are throwing a joint birthday party for he and Bella in 2 I will definitely have to update then!  I'm doing my best to savor every little bit of "baby" he has in him.  Seems like they just grow up way, way to fast.  I give his milky, soft cheeks smooches all day long...and his skin is just as silky as butter.  Love him!!!

7    Wake/Nurse/Breakfast
9    Nap
10  Nurse
12  Lunch
1    Nurse/Nap
4   Nurse
6   Dinner
7   Bath/Nurse
8   Bed

**Every now and then we will skip the 10 nursing or the 4 nursing...but most days we keep them all.

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