Wednesday, March 13, 2013

10 months...double digits!!

My handsome little man is now in the double digits!!  I feel like he has changed SO much this past month!  He is everywhere now!  His personality is bursting at the seams!  He mastered his army crawl this past month...started waving, imitates various sounds and motions...and just recently started pulling up!

He loves when I open the blinds so he can peek out the window!

 This is pretty much how I clean, cook, iron...pretty much if any house work gets done this is how I manage to do it!  He loves me...I feel so honored...I mean he loves me so much that he would much rather hang on my ankle than explore the house on his own! ;)

 Last week, we surprised my mom for her birthday...Pappa gave in to Jackson's begging for icing...

YUM...just a gotta wait til your big birthday for the full taste!!!

He was definitely more interested in Bella's chicken than his veggies...

 He was full of smiles when the nice Chick-fil-A man gave him his very own cow!!!

Yes, he's as fun, sweet, cuddly and layed back as he appears in these pictures!  Very blessed =)

His schedule:

7        Wake/Nurse
9         Nap
10:30  Nurse
12       Lunch
1         Nurse/Nap
4         Nurse
5:30    Dinner
7         Bath/Nurse
8         Bed

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