Monday, February 18, 2013

9 months!

Seriously!?!  This little munckin of a man is 9 months!?!!  No way...slow down time!  As you can tell from these precious pictures that my mother-in-law took over our Christmas visit, Jackson is quite the charmer!  His tender little personality just warms my heart!  His smile brightens everyones day and his happy-go-luck little giggle certainly brings a smile to everyone's face when they hear it. =)

He continues to be a pure delight to our family.  The Lord certainly knew we needed sweet Jackson to balance our family dymanics!  He loves life...everything about life!  It's so fun seeing him begin to explore the world on his own as he crawls around..more like army crawls.  He is always ready for a good time and rarely pitches a fit...and he is in love with his beautiful big sis...

I'm sure there will come a day when he won't tolerate all her big sis ways...but for now he just squeals and giggles when she walks in the room!  He doesn't seem to mind when Bella plays mommy and drags him "carries" him all around the house!  (Don't worry...I try to always be close by...)  

Oh my...I love this little face...

Do you see the sweet sugar that just drips off that precius little chinny...chin...chin...

And these feet!  Look at those ankles...or should I say cankles!!?  I love kissing those toesies!!

This is one of our new family pass times...
Bella races around the island in our kitchen....and Jeremy holds Jackson in the flying position!  As soon as he sees Bella start running...Jackson starts pumping his legs and flapping his arms as he squeals....and Jeremy runs!!!  The faster he pumps the fast they run!  It's great!

He has decided the past month that he LOVES food!!  I finally figured out that he wasn't refusing the food...but he was refusing to be fed by a spoon!  This little guy is as happy as can be as long as he can feed himself!  So we pretty much skipped the pureed food and went straight to finger foods!  He loves it all!  He east a variety of veggies, fruits and grains now!

 "All done...give me more!"...

His stats:

Weight:  20lbs   55%
Height:  26 inches  55%
Head:  75%

His schedule:

6:30  Wake/Nurse/Breakfast

9:00  Nap

10:30 Wake/Nurse

12:00  Lunch

1:00  Nurse/Nap

3:30  Wake

4:00  Nurse

6:00  Dinner

7:00  Bath/Nurse

8:00  Bed

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