Monday, January 14, 2013

Lake Murray Dam...

This past Saturday, we did our first family run over the Lake Murray Dam.  It was a gorgeous day...70 degrees in mid-January!  We enjoyed spending time together...just the four of us! =)

Lake Murray is a huge man-made lake which is just a couple miles from our house!  Our church's property actually backs up to the lake and that is where they have their baptism services.

Here are the babies all loaded up and ready for the ride...

 It's 1.7 miles one way...making a 3.4 mile total run! 

After our run, we took Bella down to  the picnic area and we played in the water for a little bit.

Sooo much fun...

You knew this was coming...right!?  What two year old can wade in water without the clothes coming off!!??

The water was pretty chilly...but she talked mamma into getting my toes wet. :)

This is just 10 minutes from our I'm sure we will be making lots of runs over the dam in the future! :)

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Cassie said...

What a fun and beautiful place to spend time with your family, and new friends! Miss you guys :)