Thursday, January 10, 2013

Home Sweet Home :)

We are settling in to a good little routine here in our new city!  It's an adjustment for all of us...but change is good and exciting!

Bella is such a good little helper...she really thinks she is brother's second mamma! Ha!

We've ventured out for a few runs's a little more hilly here than we're used to...but that will just get mamma into shape real fast!

Our house has walk-in closets in every Bella and Jackson love having a special little nook to play in together...

Bella and I are slowly getting back into our routine of projects and doing "school" time together while brother takes his morning nap...we loved painting this week!

Bella and Jackson have sure enjoyed their Christmas present from mommy and daddy...a new kitchen!  

Just a few pictures of life in Irmo!  We have been so welcomed by our new church family and the community.  We've enjoyed several dinner dates with various families and look forward to beginning play dates soon too!  Jeremy is settling in to his new job and continues to be blessed by the wonderful people he has the privilege of serving with at Gateway.  I have enjoyed a night out with some new sweet!  We had our first small group meeting this week with 4 other couples which was excellent.  I had fun a JAM this morning (once a month morning time for moms..brunch and a speaker).  I'm super excited about the Beth Moore study I'll be participating in on Tuesday mornings!
The babies had a week of being sick...but I believe we are on the road to being well for a while!  Park dates, library story time and play we come!!!

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