Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas #1

This Christmas season was busy yet full of fun adventures!  We were moved in to our new house 9 days before loading up and heading back to Florida to spend Christmas with Jeremy's family!  Before heading out, we actually had a chance to have our first family night out together!  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and enjoyed a night out in Irmo!

Brother enjoyed making all the noise he wanted too......

Bella enjoyed her Mozzerella sticks!  Yum!!!

We had a few nights together to enjoy our fireplace and just be cozy together in our new home!  Here are a few Christmas pics...

Love my sweet babies!

All dressed for our Christmas Eve service!  We are having fun meeting new friends and getting in our new routine!

First Christmas :)

After the Christmas Eve service, we loaded up the babies and drove to Florida!  Then, we woke up Christmas morning ready to celebrate Jesus' birthday!  

Bella was in awe of She-She's Christmas tree!

We read the Christmas story...

And then opened gifts!  Which is OH so fun these days...

How special!

Such a sweet time together with family!

Jackson loved his new firetruck!!! (He wore the pj's Jeremy wore on his first Christmas morning!)

He also loved his first trucks...every boy needs trucks!

Such a wonderful first Christmas for our boy...

Merry Christmas to all!

Look at all this delicious food that we had for Christmas dinner.....YUM!!!

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