Thursday, January 10, 2013

8 months!

My little handsome man is 8 months!  Slow down go by too, too fast!  Isn't so true that as a mom of a 2 year old and 8 month old that the days sometimes seem to go slowly but the weeks go all too fast!  You know what I mean?!  It's like lunch time or that time between nap time and dinner time just seems to creep by...but then the weeks and months seem to fly by!  I honestly have to fight back my tears cause I just don't want my babies to grow up!  There's probably mixed reasoning behind those emotions...but I guess the main reason is that I feel they are safe and secure and mostly innocent while they are babies and toddlers......and.....soft and squishy and giggly. =)  But, as I pray every day and usually many times through out the day...the Lord continues us give me wisdom and discernment as we raise these little munchkins.  Every stage is a blast...and this little booger is bursting with personality these days!

She-She, (Jeremy's mom) took these pictures of Jackson in her new studio when we were down visiting for Christmas!  Ahhhh....don't you just want to eat him up!  I know he's my baby and I'm allowed to be biased....but he has got to be the cutest little guy around!!!

Jackson is becoming more and more of his own little person!  He loves people and will just light up a room with his sweet smile and cuddly personality.  He really never cries unless he's starving, has a nasty diaper or is sleepy!  Now, he's proving to us that he's not just gonna be an easy push over either.  In the past month or so, he has started to give a holler if Bella takes his toy one too many times! :)  He is adjusting just fine to our new home.

His schedule remains about the same and he has become an excellent self soother for nap times and  bedtime!  As long as he has his little lovey....he will usually doze right off!

He still babbles a ton!  But, we can't really decipher any specific words just yet.  If "mamma" or "dadda" is said...he looks right to us with a big grin!  He especially lights up when big sis walks into the room.  It's the sweetest thing!  He prefers to be sitting on the floor surrounded by toys!  He's not in the swing anymore...and rarely will stay in the exersaucer.  He hasn't started crawling yet...but I suspect it will be any time now!  He still loves nursing...but we are trying hard to introduce him to various foods!  I think he's just gonna go straight to finger foods here pretty soon.  It seems that he would much rather feed himself than be fed with a spoon!  Too funny!  We are enjoying every minute with our little guy and he continues to be such a sweet blessing!

His schedule:
7         Wake/Nurse/Solids
9         Nap
10:30  Nurse
12:30  Solids
1:30    Nurse/Nap
4:30    Nurse
6:00    Solids
7:30    Nurse/Bed
(He usually wakes once to nurse now.)

His Stats:
I'm not sure on his head and height...I will get that at his 9 month check-up...but he weighs 20lbs!

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