Monday, December 3, 2012

Jackson's Dedication

We dedicated Jackson the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Jeremy's mom was able to come over for the weekend and share in the special night with us.  It was also an extra special time because he was dedicated alongside two of my close friend's babies.  We were pregnant at the same time, "showered" each other and then have been able to walk through this newborn baby stage together! =)

Before the service, we went to our favorite park and Jeremy's mom took some pictures for us.  I love this precious boy!  

My laid-back, easy going little handsome!

My little charmer...I wonder what goes on  in that little head of his...

My handsome little man!

 This night will always be remembered as we made a public commitment to faithfully love each other as Godly parents and as we commit to raising Jackson on the truths of God's Word.  From the moment the Lord gave Him to us, he has been a precious blessing.  He is such a loving little fella and is always full of hugs and kisses.  He rarely ever causes  an uproar...unless his belly gets empty. =)
He is such a sweet little cuddle bug.  We've taken many a nap together.  He loves to be cuddled close and he especially loves to be sung to.  I've prayed from the moment I knew I was pregnant that the Lord would have His hand upon this child and that this sweet baby would come to know Jesus as His Lord and Savior at an early age.  I continue to pray that He will grow in wisdom and knowledge of our Lord.  I pray that He will become a strong man of God who will lead others in the Truth.  I pray that this gentle, loving little guy will touch many lives as He uses His special and unique gifts for the Lord.  I know God has such wonderful plans for little Jackson Samuel's life.  It is truly an honor to be his mamma.

The Lord knew Bella and I needed a more "chill" person to spend our days with...(sometimes we get wound a little too tight!) Hehe =)

We love you handsome man!!!

Jackson, Polly and Julian =)

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