Saturday, December 22, 2012

Good-Bye Sunshine State...

We had so many little good-byes...that it's impossible to capture all our friends with the camera, but I wanted to post just a few.  Our student ministry leadership threw us a sweet good-bye dinner party.  It was so fun just fellowshipping together and reminiscing on all the memories we have made together and all the youth trips and retreats that we have survived together. :)  They gave us a gorgeous painting for our house...I will have to post a picture as soon as it arrives in the mail!  The student ministry threw us a surprise going away party complete with food made by the students, videos etc...such a memorable night together.  Then, we had a packing/loading the truck party at our house on our last night.  We had probably 30-40 people over...our little 1500 sq ft. house was busting at the seams with all our dear friends!  With 10 pizzas and lots of helping hands, we had our truck loaded in no time at all!
Here are a few of our good-byes...
Brandon and Jackson
(Brandon has had a "fear" of babies...BUT we have changed that!  He and Jackson have developed a special little bond. :)

Bella's last day at our favorite park!  Check out that static electricity on those curls!
Casi was a 6th grader when we first started at Olive...we have grown so close to her and her precious family.  She came over and had a slumber party with Bella...and gave her a little "I love you" necklace....

Last afternoon with Kelsey!  I've enjoyed seeing Kelsey grow from a high school student into a beautiful wife and leader in the middle school ministry.

Liz was in 6th grade when we moved to she's an Auburn Tiger...all grown up!

Sarah and Bella enjoying apples on their last play date!

The Taylor kids...we sure will miss them!  Before we had kids, we had many, many fun double dates with their parents...forever friends. :)

Our precious, precious neighbor Maddy.  Her family will be forever missed!!!  They are truly the BEST neighbors anyone could ever dream of!!!  I am serious!  Maddy was always willing to lend a hand with the babies...and her dear mother has helped me in countless ways...I couldn't even list all the ways she has helped me.  I will miss the cups of sugar, missing ingredients that she quickly ran over, hugs on hard days, relaxing afternoons in the yard when I needed to get outside...encouragement on many sick pregnancy days, dinners that were brought over "just because"...we sure love them!!!

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