Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Little Man!


I can't believe our little handsome is 6 months....1/2 of a year already!!  I know I say that every month...but it's true!  Time is flying by way, way, way too fast!  Every month gets more and more exciting as Jackson's little personality continues to develop.  He surprises us everyday with the new things he's learned and his cute little facial expressions.

He has mastered rolling fact he has become quite the rolly-polly!  He tries to keep up with Bella by rolling wherever she is. =)  I decided a month or so ago that we needed to work on sitting up.  So, I sat him up and placed pillows all around him...assuming that he would just topple right over.  Well, he surprised me!  He just sat up and looked at me as though he'd been sitting up forever!  That strong little booger.  So, he rolls...he sits...and he loves to just sit and play with toys.  He especially likes when Bella sits next to him and plays with him.  He is becoming more and more interactive every day.  His little giggle is so contagious!  He is super ticklish under his chin, in his little neck creases and on his inner thighs.  Just takes a quick little tickle and he is cackling away!
His favorite thing to sleep with is his little blue lovey...I lay him down in his crib (I know!!  I finally succumb to "the crib") and put his lovey on his face and he just strokes it and dozes right off. =)  Speaking of the crib, he is officially 100% in his crib!  He naps in the morning for about 2 hours and in the afternoons for about 2 hours....then sleeps in the crib at night!  He usually wakes once to nurse.  If it's in the early morning hours, I usually just snuggle with him in my bed til time to start our day! =)  He hasn't officially said his first word yet BUT it's gonna be any day now!  He's said a few mumbles recently where I've thought, "wait...did he just say mamma!?"  It's coming!!!  He still only nurses...we tried cereal a month go and he just didn't take to it!  He kept spitting it out and it was a struggle to get any of it from the spoon to his belly SO we'll probably try that again soon.  He just loves to know the "good" stuff.  I did, however, discover his first tooth popping up yesterday!  SO sweet!  It's his left front tooth!  Just in time to bite into some Thanksgiving turkey. =)
He continues to have such a sweet, laid back disposition.  He loves everyone and is such a little charmer! 

7 Wake/Nurse

9 Nap

10:30ish Nurse

1:30ish Nurse/Nap

4:00 Nurse

7 Nurse

8 Bed

10/11 Nurse

4ish Nurse

We head to his 6 month check-up soon so I will  have to post his statistics.  He was sick this week and we had to make a doctor run...he weighed in at 18lbs 2 oz!  Cute little chunker! =)

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